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Software Built How You Think

Available as a hosted SaaS solution, NeedleFinder® electronic discovery software cuts costs, saves time, and reduces risk by maintaining your ESI in one platform throughout the lifecycle of a case. Transition files from Analysis to Review with the click of a button while improving defensibility, control, and consistency.

  • < Chris Bankler | Sayles Werbner“What would have taken two weeks to review took only one and a half days in NeedleFinder.” >
  • < Jennifer N. Rauch | Hoge & Gameros LLP"NeedleFinder allowed me to quickly and efficiently review a large amount of data." >
  • < Nick Eglevsky | Kelley Drye & Warren LLP"I love the interface; it blows the competition away." >
  • < Amy Catherine Dinn | Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP"We took 500 GB's down to 1 GB. I think that shows the power of NeedleFinder." >
  • < Senior Regulator Department Paralegal | Parker Poe Adams & Bernsten LLP"NeedleFinder is much faster than our in-house solution. I am reviewing approximately 500 documents in less than 30 minutes." >
  • < Michael I. Frankel | Dechert LLP"We had to make a nearly impossible deadline for production under a court order, and NeedleFinder made it possible." >