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Equivalent DATA Announces Release of NeedleFinder® 3.5 E-Discovery Software Platform

Houston, TX – January 27, 2009

Release includes new Insight analysis technology and 50% increase in culling speed.

Equivalent DATA announced today the release of version 3.5 of their electronic discovery software platform, NeedleFinder®. The new release features Insight e-discovery analysis technology, which enables attorneys and paralegals to go beyond keyword searching to make educated decisions on 100% of the data, not just where the keywords lead. Using the facts contained in the documents and the context in which they were created, teams can choose what to cut, not just what to keep, so no evidence falls through the cracks.

NeedleFinder® 3.5 exceeds current case law requirements for transparency and accountability by recording all search and culling criteria so users can instantaneously verify their results and clearly understand how they were achieved. “We have received extremely positive feedback on the defensibility of the platform,” explains Equivalent DATA president Mike Medrano. The software’s unique built-in dictionaries, domain and people affiliations, and custodian controls enable attorneys to customize, refine, and document queries to increase defensibility and control.

NeedleFinder® 3.5 boasts a 50% speed increase for deduplication, date culling, and search culling. Upgrades include an enhanced user-friendly interface, the ability to build and cull conversations on email chains, improved embedded document options, international character set processing, and import/export of projects for data sharing across companies.

Unicode is supported, as well as the EDRM XML model. The software is now compatible with metadata from Microsoft Office 2007 documents, and over 100 new metadata fields were added for a total of 385. NeedleFinder® continues to distinguish itself from the competitors with the ability to produce documents directly from the platform for added convenience and protection from spoliation claims. Live demonstrations of the NeedleFinder® 3.5 e-discovery software platform will be shown at LegalTech® 2009 in New York on February 2-4.

About Equivalent DATA

Since 1994, Equivalent DATA has become a leading legal technology company and provider of electronic and paper discovery services to law firms and corporate legal departments nationwide. Their proprietary software NeedleFinder® has been recognized as one of the fastest and most comprehensive in the industry.

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