eDiscovery Production Services

E-Discovery Production

Our e-discovery production sets can be created in one of three fashions: image productions, native file production, or a blended production. Responsive documents can be reviewed and produced directly from NeedleFinder®, or documents can be sent to other popular review platforms for review prior to production from NeedleFinder®.

Image Productions

For image productions, NeedleFinder will convert all relevant documents for the production set. There are many available formatting options during an image production, such as .tif, .pdf, or .jpg. A Bates number can be assigned to each page of every document and referenced back to the original document.

Native File Productions

Native productions can be a cost-effective way to produce documents because of the time savings realized in not having to convert each page to an image. NeedleFinder has the ability to generate a Document ID for each native file and incorporate this Document ID into the file name without changing the original hash value. This Document ID can serve as the Bates number for the entire document regardless of how many pages the document contains.

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Blended Productions

A blended solution would involve both TIFF images and native files. A good example of this would be to TIFF all documents except Excel, database, audio, or video files. These files would then be produced natively. Our detailed QC process ensures that your documents are produced exactly to your specifications so you can move forward in full confidence.

"We had to make a nearly impossible deadline for production under a court order, and NeedleFinder made it possible."

Michael Frankel, Dechert

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